Roner Clip +

Low temperature thermal circulator.

Roner Clip + is the latest development from renowned RONER, one of the first reference systems in low temperature cooking. It is a versatile, competitive and easy to use alternative for those who are keen to discover “Sous Vide” cooking.

The new Roner Clip + successfully fulfills the IPX7 standard that guarantees its perfect operation and safety if it accidentally falls or is completely immersed in water.

Roner Clip +

What is low temperature cooking?

Low temperature cooking is a recognised cooking technique commonly used by professional chefs. It precisely controls the temperature over prolonged cooking times. Some of the main benefits are that it enhances the taste of the food, retains juices and tenderizes the meat, producing very soft textures, cooks all pieces evenly and perfectly, and saves time, as it can be prepared in advance.

Cocción a baja temperatura Roner Clip +


Components Roner Clip +


Características Roner Clip +

Control panel:

Backlit touch controlled temperature and time settings. With chrome finish and handy scroll wheel. Setting range: from ambient up to 90 °C, in steps of 0.5 °C and sensor accuracy of 0.1 °C. Programmable timer: from 0 to 99 hours. Starts as soon as programmed temperature is reached.

Características Roner Clip +

Clip system:

Fixing clip system secures device into place and fits any pot up to 15L.

Características Roner Clip +

LED On light:

It flashes while heating or changes to red in case of warning.

Características Roner Clip +

Mixing impeller:

It ensures an even water temperature throughout the pot.

Características Roner Clip +


Auto-off in case of overheating Auto-off once timer has finished. Auto-off in case of lack of water. The LED flashes if it cannot heat due to excess water.

How does Roner Clip + work?

How does Roner Clip + work?


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Download the product manual of the Roner Clip + low temperature thermal circulator.

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Download the product card of the Roner Clip + low temperature thermal circulator.